Poetry in English

Snow and Sand

Walking. Cold. Hard going… Wind in my face… <gasp>
Brisk wind blowing a blizzard across the sand
Against me, so easily cutting through the
Old rags I’m barely half-bundled within…
Feet sinking into the cold sand topped with snow…?
Why am I here? Where am I going? It is So hard…
Slow going, each step sinking deeply, and even
Sliding backwards ever so slightly, yet onward
I go.

The hard asphalt boardwalk beside me, swirling with
Snow as well. Dark and rough, cold and well worn.
Not much better really, but still not for me? Maybe
Not yet. Am I off the path? What lies ahead…?
Whoa, Who are They?? Great Hunched Giants Lumbering
Along the other way, Steadily loafing past me in
Their Own Dark Ragged and Torn robes, aye shreds;
They have earned the right to walk the « High Road »,
One by one…

So Tall and Ominous, yet not so scary maybe? Thank
God they’re not looking at me, or even interested.
Now That would really scare me! Frozen Gargantuans
Slowly Marching past me on their way, but to where?
Slow and Methodical, Persistently forging onward with
No concern or hesitation, Bowed Humbly yet not in
Anguish, respectful earnest wrought of suffrage.
From whence did they come? What hell have they
All endured?

Far Off in the Distance, Lost amidst the Fog & Snow;
Could there be an End there?! So Far a Journey as
Beyond Imagination, only to Turn Around again
And trudge back here, All the way back & beyond…?
Culdesac at the edge of Eternity to Return the Favor,
Carrying the Silent Wisdom along in tow, hidden in
Shreds of Ragged lessons and experience. Frosted in
Cold Hard Truth — The Parade of Spiritual Giants!

My God. Is that where I am going? Will I tread there
After my long journey, bringing back my Rags of
Truth to unleash upon the Frozen World?

(C) 2014, James Arthur Kohl






Michele OBAMA

A beautiful face

Expression of Divine face

Which express LOVE

Which express conviction

Actions and devotion

Devotion and contribution

To build a Nation


With your love

You helped Barack

To build Heaven on Earth… 


Author : Edwige CHEKPO (Copyright)

Book : FEMME : Célébration et Actions Célèbres – Hommage aux femmes